Lookout, your lipper has 33 chemicals

`Modern women apply over 500 chemicals daily’: report

20th November 2009: The ugly side of beauty business is that modern women apply over 500 chemicals daily on their face and body.

A new study claims the chemicals find their way to the body in form of beauty products every day to look beautiful.

The study by deodorant firm Bionsen asserts beauty-conscious women apply up to 13 products; a substantial number of which contain over 20 components. The ingredients include additives that could even lead to cancer and skin problems.

Charlotte Smith of Bionsen was quoted as saying by The Sun that beauty regimes have changed dramatically from a simple ‘wash & go’ to daily fake tan applications, regular manicures, false lashes and hair extensions. The new ‘wonder treatments’ contain more chemicals for better results, which implies women are more at risk," Smith said.

The most commonly used cosmetic, lipstick, contains on average 33 chemicals, body lotion 32, mascara 29, and hand moisturiser 11. The study also found most perfumes contain an average of 250 chemicals

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