Women find moody bad boys sexier than cheerful ones: Study

Another reason for you to stay glum

27th May 2011: Here’s another reason for you to stay glum. A research has found women actually find moody bad boys sexier than cheerful ones.
Psychologists asserted brooding or arrogant chaps were far more attractive to women, than happy men who smiled a lot. said men, on the other hand, were more lured to smiling faces compared to straight-faced women.

For the purpose of carrying out the research, volunteers for the study at the University of British Columbia in Canada were handed over the pictures of the opposite sex showing different emotions.

Researchers said a convinced, arrogant stance in a male exaggerates masculine features. It also implies status and ability to provide for a partner and offspring. On the other hand, smiling suggested a lack of dominance in men and “submissiveness and vulnerability” in women.


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