Worried about beef and pork injected chicken, here’s veg’ food that tastes like meat

Heather Mills promises to bring out original flavour, without non-vegetarian ingredients
30 June 2009: Health food junkies, get your taste buds ready for some meat-free dishes that taste like real non-veg stuff.

Now, if you are wondering why all this is so important, only recently reports that chicken may have been secretly injected with beef and pork waste had left a bad taste in the mouths of Britain’s two million Muslims, Jews and Hindus.

For you, English charity campaigner-cum-former model-cum-former wife of musician Sir Paul McCartney Heather Mills is all set to offer on the platter of pleasure meat-free dishes at her new eatery V-Bites in Brighton, UK.

Mills, who is a patron of Viva, the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, has assured the meat substitutes bring out the original flavour, but minus the non-vegetarian ingredients.

"What is definitely going to shock people is the meat replacements. They have a real meat taste to them," the New York Daily News quoted her as saying.

Just last month, the former model told the crowd at the town’s Foodies Festival that her restaurant would emphasize on being animal-friendly, saving the environment and the planet. Mills says she is not telling people to stop eating meat and dairy altogether, but simply asking them to come and try it one day a week, and do their bit for the environment.Worried about beef and pork injected chicken, here’s veg’ food that tastes like meat

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By Monika

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