British-Asian Lopa Patel is Raha International trustee

Born in nairbi, Ms Patel is a businesswoman and internet entrepeneur

17 April 2010:
Nairobi-born businesswoman-cum-British Asian Internet entrepreneur Lopa Patel, MBE, has become a Trustee of educational charity Raha International (Raha).

The charity, founded just over two years ago by sisters Daksha and Nimi Hirani, creates a sponsorship programme for the education of under-privileged children and young adults in Kenya.

As a Trustee, Patel will provide guidance and governance. She also hopes to raise donations to fund a three-year law degree course at Kenyatta University in Nairobi for a wheel-chair bound 23-year old.

The charity pays school fees, and also for boarding, uniforms, books and other educational items for directly-sponsored children. The sponsorship programme for University students covers the entire three to six years study period.

Raha International also ensures the health and well-being of communities from which children are sponsored. This is done by organising medical and relief camps and conducting training programs. Its activities also focus on HIV-positive individuals and those with disability or mobility issues.

Awarded an MBE in 2009 for services to Britain’s creative industries and the South Asian community, Patel has been bestowed with extensive digital media skills; and is currently the founder of award-winning lifestyle portal

Patel says she is extremely proud of her new role as a Trustee of Raha International. Patel asserts she was attracted to charity because all the workers were volunteers. As such, 100 per cent of the donated funds are used to alleviate poverty, equip facilities and go towards funding education.

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