Former Hungarian asylum seeker becomes mayor of Poynton

`I am British first’

25th May 2010:
More than three decades after Gabor Bartos pledged he would be a model citizen and a true Brit if given asylum, the former asylum seeker from Hungary has kept his promise. And providing a testimony to this effect is his election as the mayor of Poynton, a village in Cheshire, where he has lived with his wife Jessica.

It was in 1978 that the 27-year-old Hungarian — one of carefully picked tourists allowed to travel abroad by the Communist authorities —  managed to give accompanying secret-service agents a slip to head straight for the Home Office to seek asylum.

Visibly jubilant on his success, Bartos says he may be from Hungary, but he is British first and has been a Brit ever since he came here.

An example of successful integration, Bartos encourages all new arrivals to commemorate and embrace British culture.

Bartos says if he is invited to a house, he would be expected to play by the rules of the host. He adds its right for the outsiders to respect the cultures and follow the cultures of the countries they want to live in. it makes him feel angry, if some of the people coming to the great country do not integrate

His life is an example to be followed. No sooner than he arrived in London, Bartos started learning English and adopting British customs. After meeting his now wife Jessica, he moved to her native village of Poynton and eventually becoming a Tory councillor.


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