India-born Rabi Martins appointed to key post

Martin to function as adviser on race equality issue

19th November 2009:
The Indians living in the UK have a reason to cheer. A NRI has been appointed to key Liberal Democrats post in the UK.

Available information suggests, Indian-origin spokesman for the Liberal Democrats party Rabi Martins, has been appointed adviser to the party’s executive on race equality and diversity issue.

Born in Goa and educated in Pune, Martins has been a prominent figure in the Goan circuit in Britain. He has held several positions in
politics and community affairs, including on race equality and diversity issues.

Liberal Democrats chief executive Chris Fox said Martins has been a key member of the party for many years and has served well on various boards including the Federal Executive and the Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats. His positive and effective contribution has always been

Martins said he was delighted to be asked to work with Chris to support the party’s agenda on diversity in general and address the issue of representation of ethnic minorities in particular.

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