Iraqi asylum seeker to fund UK’s biggest scholarship

`£3m donation just a way of expressing gratitude’

15th December 2009: Naim Dangoor has opened a new chapter of asylum seekers contributing to the UK’s academic scene.

After leaving Iraq for the UK in the 1960s, Dangoor has made clear his intention of funding one of the biggest scholarship schemes to have been launched for UK varsity students.

Property developer Dangoor says £3m donation is his way of expressing his gratitude. According to the available information, Dangoor will contribute towards bursaries for 4,000 students in subjects including science and maths.

Dr Dangoor said he promised himself that if he was ever able to help a British university student he would, to assist the native people of the country that welcomed him. But I never dreamt I would be able to make such a big contribution.

The scholarships, to be launched on Tuesday, will be for students at leading research universities in the UK

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