Lord Parekh named one of “great British Political Philosophers of 20th century”

Political Studies Association of UK to honour him

5th August 2010: What is common between renowned non-resident Indian academic Lord Bhikhu Parekh and well known philosophers such as Harold Laski, Isaiah Berlin, R H Tawney and Michael Oakeshott?


If you are wondering what the answer is, Lord Parekh too has been named one of the "great British Political Philosophers of the 20th century" by the prestigious Political Studies Association of UK. The Association includes over 2000 professors and lecturers of political science in British Universities.

They are now being honoured to mark the 60th anniversary of the Association
The 75-year-old Lord was recognised for his seminal contribution to the study of multiculturalism, identity and political philosophy.

A selection of writings from his works and other leading personalities in British political theory has also been complied in British Political Theory in the Twentieth Century. It has been edited by Professor and head of the department at the London School of Economics (LSE) Paul Kelly.

Describing it a great honour, Lord Parekh said he was pleased and deeply grateful for it.
To mark the 60th anniversary of the Association, this year’s annual awards will recognize the contribution made by individual politicians, academics, broadcasters, print journalists and satirists to our political life over the last 60 years at One Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA on Tuesday 30 November from 7.30

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