Polish Memoir Cookbook Wins “Best in the World” at 2012 Gourmand Awards

‘Rose Petal Jam – Recipes and Stories from a Summer in Poland’ awarded prestigious ‘Best in the World’ prize at the 2012 Gourmand Awards.

Already a favourite of ours, both for the recipes as for the photos and narrative, Rose Petal Jam – Recipes and Stories from a Summer in Poland by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target, published by Sydney-based Tabula Books, has been awarded a prestigious ‘Best in the World’ prize at the Gourmand Awards.  Winners were announced at the Folie Bergere in Paris, on Tuesday March 6th. This is the first time a book featuring Polish cooking has been awarded in any category.
Rose Petal Jam is a memoir cookbook and travelogue that chronicles author Beata Zatorska’s childhood in rural Poland, and includes her grandmother’s recipes for traditional Polish cooking. Gourmand founder Edouard Cointreau – descendant of both the famous Cointreau liqueur and Remy Martin families – who reviews all entrants from over 167 countries, described Rose Petal Jam as “a truly beautiful book.”  He said this year had seen big growth in investment and quality in food book production to the East of Europe – including Poland.
A busy family doctor living in Sydney, Australia, Zatorska has never written a book before.  Rose Petal Jam has been published in the UK, USA, Australia and Poland, generating positive reviews from newspapers and magazines around the globe.  In the United States, Rose Petal Jam has struck a chord with home cooks as 3.2 percent of the population is of Polish descent.
Accompanied by her English husband Simon, Beata spent a summer exploring her home country, travelling tiny roads lined with wild rose bushes, finding castles and palaces among meadows and forests.  This culinary journey became the basis for Rose Petal Jam, beautifully illustrated with hundreds of full color photographs of the recipes, the countryside, and the main cities of Poland including Warsaw, Gdan´sk and Kraków, as well as many family pictures.  This visually stunning book has other unique touches too, including favorite poems, and paintings from the nation’s galleries, providing readers with a wonderful introduction to the food, culture, people and places of Poland.

Since winning the Gourmand Award Zatorska and her husband have received offers for German and Dutch language editions. The couple is already working on their next winter themed book about Poland, 'Sugar Orange' – with the same UK- based edit and design team, Jane Aspden and Miranda Harvey, due out in September 2012.
The Gourmand Awards, based in France and Madrid, were established 17 years ago and are now the only truly international awards for culinary publishing.

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