Tam Hussain is the Writer of the Year 2011

Tam Hussain is the Writer of the Year 2011, while the unpublished novel award goes to Ahmed Masoud for Gaza Days
The award for unpublished children's story has been bagged by Mehded Sinclair for When Wings Expand, and the winner in the stage and screenplay category is Malik Basso for Somewhere Near You.


The awards came as Muslim Writers Awards, in association with Muslim Hands, celebrated five years of contribution of Muslim writers to the fields of arts and literature at the world famous Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

Supporters of the MWA included, Penguin Group, Puffin Books, Islam Channel, Waqf, Picsel UK, The Cordoba Foundation, Nida Trust and the Brit Writers Awards.     

The prize for published children's book goes to Na'ima B. Robert for Far From Home.
In the unpublished short story, Tam Hussain again has got the award for Little Flecks of Silver
Young Journalist (16-25) award has been bagged by Siraj Datoo for Ethnic Profiling, and others; and the award for unpublished poetry has gone to “zkthepoet – Kitchen Set Libel, and others”
Shahriar Mandanipour has got the award for Censoring an Iranian Love Story for published novel.

Amongst the audience were Ambassadors, publishers and authors who enjoyed qawaalis, spoken-word poetry and folk music from Canadian-born singer and children’s book author, Dawud Wharnsby.

Asad Ahmad, BBC Broadcaster, one of the judges in the Young Journalist Award said, “Journalism has not traditionally been a profession which young Muslims look to get into. Anything which might encourage young people to look into journalism as a career, I think should be encouraged and should be developed. And that’ s why I accepted the opportunity to become a judge, to look at the talent that is out there and as well as that to encourage people to do more in this profession”.

Manzur Majid, Senior Business Manager of Picsel UK Ltd, when presenting the Writer of the Year Award said, “it is not just about the writing but about the person behind it. What MWA does is build bridges and help people to share stories, develop common ground and help to develop positive, inclusive narratives which will enable all of us to live in a healthier more vibrant society with respect for everyone and their individual contributions. It’s a noble cause and I salute all our partners that strive with us towards this end. It was a tough decision because we feel that all the winners tonight reflect these aims”.

Tam Hussein, winner of both the Unpublished Short Story and Writer of the Year Award 2011 said; “For the Unpublished Short Story I was very happy to have received recognition for my work and to become chosen as the Writer of the Year Award, I feel very gracious to have received such an Award from amongst so many talented people.”


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