18% women, 9% men experience stalking since age of 16; immigrants no exception

More than 18 percent of women and 9 percent of men experience stalking since the age of 16. This is not all. Stalking affects almost one in five women and one in 10 men over a lifetime.

But you can now log stalking off. For Women’s Aid and the Network for Surviving Stalking has come out with of ‘Digital stalking: a guide to technology risks for victims’.

The guide has been authored by Jennifer Perry. Giving details, Women’s Aid says it has teamed up with national stalking charity Network for Surviving Stalking to launch a practical guide for victims of stalking.

The guide is  described as an important resource for all stalking victims, including the many survivors of domestic violence, who are being stalked by an ex-partner.

It explains wide range of technological risks for those being stalked, including use of spyware on personal computers and tracking devices on mobile phones.

As of now, stalking by ex-partners accounts for the largest group of victims and women are most at risk from physical assault and fatal harm. 

The guidelines, which are funded by the Nominet Trust and Avon, contain practical advice on how to reduce the risk of being stalked online. They can also be used for training organisations which deal with stalking and domestic violence cases, including the police and other key agencies

Welcoming the new guide to help stalking victims, Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone at its launch outlined the government's guiding principles for tackling violence against women and girls.

Describing the new guide as an important resource for stalking victims, she said: 'The effect of stalking on victims lives can be devastating and we are actively looking at what more can be done to protect victims and ensure perpetrators are prosecuted.

'I welcome this practical guide as an example of the valuable work a number of charities  are doing to provide information and support to stalking victims.'

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The Home Office adds: Our stalking consultation closes at the end of this week, so if you haven’t already given your views on how best to tackle this crime and provide protection for victims, please contribute".



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