Charity Anthony Nolan: comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli to encourage donations

Charity Anthony Nolan and comedian, writer & TV presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli have joined hands and will be the charity’s 'Man on a Mission'.

Hardeep is currently on tour with his one man show 'The Nearly Naked Chef' but will participate in a variety of public events to encourage young men and the general public to get involved and register to be donors. “The uptake of donors isn’t nearly as high as it should be. I’ve lived and worked in Birmingham many times through the years and have a lot of love for the place. It’s a great place to start: genuinely cosmopolitan, it defines modern Britain.”       

Charity Anthony Nolan will be launching their week-long “Man on a Mission” campaign in Birmingham on the 29th October. The aim is to recruit 1000 new potential donors to their blood stem cell donor register, with particular focus on young men aged between 18 and 30, as they are more likely to be asked to donate. Anthony Nolan matches blood cancer patients with people willing to donate their stem cells for lifesaving transplants.

The ‘Man on a Mission’ campaign kicks off in the vibrant city of Birmingham, due both to its diverse community, as well as the high percentage of young men aged between 18-30 who live in the area. There are approximately 167,000 men aged between 18-30 living in Birmingham, many of whom the charity hopes to inspire to register and help save more lives.

Professor Charles Craddock, Anthony Nolan’s medical director and a consultant at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, explains, “When the transplant team look for a matching donor for their patient, they ideally want someone fit and healthy and as men are usually bigger we are likely to get more stem cells from them.” Currently men account for just 12% of donors on our register list and in order to save lives, it is crucial that more men come forward to donate.

To join the Anthony Nolan register, you just need to complete a medical questionnaire and give a small saliva sample. For more information on the campaign events and how you can get involved, or to register online visit or call 0303 303 0303.


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