Migrant workers are more of a boon than curse, another report makes it evident

Here is another report saying foreign workers are more of a boon and blessing, than curse.



The British Chambers of Commerce, in its report, has made it clear that nearly 60 per cent of businesses with more than 50 employees recruit ‘some migrant workers’ as they ‘are unable to find the skilled workers they need in the UK’.

The report, bringing to the fore the vital role played by the migrant workers, comes at a time when figures released by the Office for National Statistics figures show unemployment has hit a 17-year peak of 2.62million.

BBC director-general John Longworth was quoted by Daily Mail as saying: ‘Many firms lack confidence in the ability of the education system to deliver the right people for the job.

'For some, hiring workers from overseas allows them to access the skills they need.’

Further quoting the BBC, the Daily Mail added these were not necessarily technical skills, but some of the most basic abilities, from turning up punctually for an interview to write basic English or to do elementary mathematics.


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