Poverty amongst Filipino community set to worsen as recession continues

Poverty amongst the Filipino community in UK is set to worsen as the recession continues; and there are unacceptable levels of racial discrimination against the community in the workplace.

NICEM (Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities) and the Alliance of Filipino Communities in Northern Ireland have published a new research paper Bayanihan looking at issues facing the Filipino Community in Northern Ireland.

Bayanihan examines a number of social and economic issues affecting this community. It follows on from Za Chlebem, NICEM’s study of the Polish community. The findings are primarily based on 19 in-depth interviews and a survey of 147 adult Filipinos.

It was released at Long Gallery, Stormont, on Monday 23 January.

The research is original and up to date as it is based on recent interviews and an extensive survey of the Filipino community in NI, in conjunction with the Belfast Migrant Centre and the  Alliance of  Filipino Communities NI.

The report also suggests the NI administration must have a greater say in immigration issues in order to reduce discrimination and boost economic growth.


It goes on to say distress and upheaval to family life of vital Filipino health care workers is caused by unjustifiably high immigration costs.


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