“Polish future in foreign hands”: latest issue of The Polish Observer is online

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The Polish Observer 08 February 2012

* cover story:

"Our Polish zloty in foreign hands" – according to professor Zygmunt Bauman a great sociologist and philosopher, citizens of the European Union are getting older and older and if nothing change in the future, we will have to face the civilisation decline…

("Nasze złotówki w obce ręce"), page 3


* interview:

– with Błażej Dzieduszycki, Polish film producer and director, photographer and traveller, who has opened an exhibition of his unique photos in London…

"Smile of milion faces" ("Uśmiech o tysiącu twarzy"), page 6


* crème de la crème:

– review of the newest book written by one of the most famous Poles and activists in Great Britain, Wiktor Moszczyński… ("Polak Londyńczyk” nie daje zasnąć), page 4

– feature article by Janusz Palikot, the most controversial politician in Poland…"The Eve of the Polish prime minister's falling" ("Wigilia upadku Tuska"), page 4

– the most popular story about Polish immigrants living in UK by Janusz Młynarski…("W naszym angielskim domu"), page 10


* also:

– novelty – horoscope! page 13

– hot cultural events not only for Polish community, pages 14 and 16

and much more…


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