Cycling is the future

Interview with Kulveer Ranger, Mayor’s Director of Transport Policy 21st May 2009: In this exclusive interview with Alicja Borkowska, Kulveer Ranger, Mayor’s Director of Transport Policy talks about the plans to improve cycling in London.

What needs to be done to improve the transport in London and what is the plan?

Firstly the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is committed to delivering the key infrastructure that must be in place to make sure that London keeps itself as one of the greatest cities in the world – that means maintaining investments on the underground, make sure that tube network which we know is suffering from chronic underinvestment continues to get that money. We have a problem, Metronet that has upgraded two thirds of the underground have gone bust and Tube Lines, their prices are increasing. We have to work very hard to make sure the money is right and is there to spend on the underground and also that we get the best value in terms of delivery from our contractors.

Secondly, we must deliver Crossrail which will provide a 10% increase across public transport in London. We must deliver that. Other things we must do is improve cycling in London. Our initiative is going to deliver a revolution in cycling and you are going to see it next year. You are going to see that there will be a cycle hire scheme delivered next year in London.

When it comes to cycling, Mayor Boris Johnson is a great example.

Exactly, he cycles everywhere, it’s clean, it’s green, it’s healthy, I cycle, it is fantastic for you. It will be fantastic when we’ll get 6,000 cycles on London streets that you can just pick and use whenever you feel like it. We are aware there are safety issues around cycling so we are going to look at cycle highways which are clear areas on the road, people know cyclists will be there. If you want to have more people cycling, they must be safe when they do. So it’s going to be a cleaner, greener, healthier and better feeling when you travel in London; you will feel happier about the experience.

By Alicja Borkowska, The Polish Observer

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