Mayor announces £168.3m boost to local transport across London

Largest ever funding package and greater freedom over spending to help boroughs cut road deaths, improve town centres and cycling facilities, tackle the school run and carry out essential main road maintenance 21 November 2008. The Mayor of London Boris Johnson announced £168.3m of funding for London’s boroughs to deliver local transport improvements during the financial year 2009/10.

As well as increasing next year’s local borough transport plan funding from TfL – up from £161m in 2008/09 – the Mayor also confirmed that London’s boroughs will have greater freedom in delivering local transport projects.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said:
‘When I was elected I promised I would be different and give greater freedom to the Boroughs. This is why this year I have introduced a £100,000 award for Boroughs to spend as they choose. Boroughs are being given greater freedom to develop and deliver the schemes they want, which means more choice over a range of key local schemes to improve town centres and cycling facilities, tackle the school run and improve local roads.

‘Next year’s will be the largest ever borough transport plan funding with £168.3m for local schemes to make travelling safer, more accessible and more environment-friendly, helping to improve the quality of life for people across London.’

Funding for local schemes is allocated each year by Transport for London (TfL) in response to applications from boroughs based on their Local Implementation Plans (LIPs) for transport. Funding is currently available for a wide range of programmes including road safety, maintaining borough roads, tackling the school run, improving walking, cycling and the local environment, making transport more accessible and measures to improve bus journeys.

London’s Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy said:
‘The London boroughs play a key role as strategic partners with TfL in delivering many local improvements to transport. This largest-ever funding announcement coupled with the greater flexibility in working together will ensure the boroughs continue their excellent delivery record of local schemes’.
‘Boroughs will have flexibility to shift LIPs funds between projects, receiving funding towards overall programmes rather than individual projects. In addition each borough will receive £100,000 funding to spend as they wish on transport related schemes’.

TfL funds hundreds of local schemes each year, with examples of major projects for 2009/10 to include:
• Central London – the assessment and strengthening of the Albert Bridge, a listed structure currently closed to vehicles over two tons.
• South London – improved pedestrian access to Clapham Junction station and better interchange with different modes of transport.
• West London – £85,000 will help fund the installation of 22 Electrical Recharging Points in the London borough of Ealing. They will provide an alternative energy source which aims to improve local air quality for businesses, residents, visitors and fleet operators by assisting in reducing CO2 emissions.
• North London – Camden Town Centre scheme will deliver widened footways, new crossing points, and better lighting to make the area safer, more accessible and easier to use for pedestrians. Cycle and motorcycle parking facilities will also be installed.
• East London – Hornchurch town centre in the London borough of Havering will benefit from a range of improvements including better pedestrian crossings, parking and street design.

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