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Mayor of London pledges to ditch his motor for electric car 02 December 2008. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, today (2 December) pledged that his next family car will be a zero-emission electric vehicle, and threw down the gauntlet to the motor industry to produce one as soon as possible.

The Mayor said that the electric car market needed the encouragement of consumer demand and promised not to buy another petrol-powered car.

Boris Johnson said: ‘It strikes me that after years of false starts, the electric market is on the verge of triumphant maturity, and all it needs is the encouragement of consumer demand. So here is my proposal to the motor industry, now languishing in the credit crunch. My Toyota people mover is so old and tired that if it were a dog, you would have it put down.

‘But I intend to keep it on the road for another year, for two years, for three years – for however long it takes the car manufacturers to produce a zero emission electric family car. Come on, folks: you must be able to do it. I don’t want to buy another internal combustion engine; there is a market waiting to be satisfied, and if that isn’t an economic stimulus, I don’t know what is.’

The Mayor has already made clear that he wishes to see a far greater proportion of vehicles in London powered by electricity and get as many of the Greater London Authority’s own fleet of vehicles running on electricity as possible. And he aims to persuade London Councils, car pools and private company fleets to do the same. The Mayor has pledged to develop plans to cut London’s carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2025, with low carbon vehicles playing a significant role in doing so.

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