‘Together for London’, the forum for a better place gives voice to Transport for London’s passengers. 24 October 2008. Community groups across London gave their backing to a new social networking site aimed at encouraging debate around how to make the city better place.

‘Together for London’ is an open forum for Londoners to share their ideas of how to make London a better place, starting with behaviour on public transport.

Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy was joined by representatives from Age Concern London and London Youth to pledge their support for the launch of the next phase of TfL’s campaign to encourage all Londoners to consider others when using public transport.

‘Together for London’ features: live discussion pages where Londoners can join or begin a their own debate; create their own campaigns around their own pledges – ‘I’ll keep my feet off the seats’ or ‘not shout in to my mobile on the bus’; vote and have their say on particular issues; shop on-line to buy T-shirts with your own campaign pledge.

Peter Hendy, Transport Commissioner said:
‘We’ve all got ideas of how to make London a better place. The new Together for London website starts with a pledge to be more considerate when we travel together on public transport. ‘People from all walks of life meet everyday on public transport and what’s acceptable behaviour to some may irritate or make others feel uncomfortable.

‘This campaign is not about crime, but about inconsiderate behaviour which fuels the disproportionate fear of crime on and around public transport in London.

‘Crime is low and getting lower year on year on both the buses and the Tube but we know there is more to do. The Mayor has this year announced an extra 440 uniformed officers for the bus network which will mean there are more police on the buses than at any time in the past 25 years. ‘If we take responsibility for our actions, a little thought from each of us will mean a big difference for everyone. The website is a forum for Londoners to get talking and debate. So click online, voice your opinion and help make London a more liveable place’.

Esther Thompson, Head of Training London Youth said:
‘Transport is important for young Londoners as it enables them to access youth clubs in our network and beyond, where they can meet in a safe place as well as using it to travel to school or college.

‘In our recent research we’ve found that public transport is valued by young people and feel it’s important that young people are not labelled as being inconsiderate travelers because everyone has the responsibility to be courteous to their fellow passengers.

‘London Youth wholeheartedly supports Together for London. The social networking site is a forum which allows young people to make their voices heard on issues relating to considerate behavior on public transport. We think it highlights to all Londoners that they can do something positive to improve the travel experience for everyone in London.’

Samantha Mauger, Chief Executive of Age Concern London, said:
‘Inconsiderate behavior is not a crime but it can increase the fear of crime, particularly among older people. With the many opportunities the internet offers many older people are getting connected. The launch of Transport for London’s social networking site “Together for London” will give passengers of all ages one way of voicing their experiences of how inconsiderate behavior has affected their journeys in London without fear of consequences. We hope this will enable people to realise how their behavior can affect others and help to improve everyone’s travel experience in London.’

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