Floods, famines, other climate related disasters likely to affect 375m people annually by 2015

The years ahead may be so good for your country, after all. Experts predict that the number of floods, famines or other climate related disasters will continue to increase, affecting 375 million people every year by 2015.



This was revealed by the Department for International Development (DIFD). It was added that in 2004, the year of the Boxing Day Tsunami, around 150 million people were affected by humanitarian emergencies. That rose to 263 million last year.

DIFD added: `The number of people affected by disasters is expected to increase, with more people living in vulnerable areas, while levels of poverty mean many are unable to cope.

`Densely populated slums in coastal cities mean millions more people are living in poorly built shelters, while others are at risk of water-born disease caused by rising temperatures’.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said: “This year the world has been rocked by devastating disasters and the evidence suggests this trend is likely to continue.


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