French immigration minister to discuss migration affairs

Human rights commissioner Hammarberg, Besson to meet in Strasbourg

27th May 2010:
French immigration minister Éric Besson is expected to travel down to the office of Europe’s highest human rights official for discussing migrant situation in France and in the Continent. The visit is expected to take place between June 9 and 11.

Human rights commissioner for the Council of Europe Thomas Hammarberg said he and Besson have planned to meet in Strasbourg to analyze the problems and clarify the measures to be taken for resolving the persistent difficulties concerning migration matters in France and Europe.

This is the first time a government minister will traveled to the commissioner’s office in Strasbourg to discuss migration affairs, said Stefano Montanari, senior aide to Hammarberg.

Working closely with the European Court of Human Rights, Hammarberg claimed he was worried by `the criminalization of migration’ in Europe, the treatment of the Roma, and Italy’s practice of pushing migrant boats back to Libya, without giving refugees the chance to seek protection.

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