German labour market still closed for Eastern Europeans

Unexpected increase in unemployment prompts Germany to ask for 2 more years


german_flag_280210.png29 April 2009. The Bonn government has given notice to Bruxelles of the intention to prolong the temporary restrictions to the free circulation of Eastern European workers in Germany, confirmed a spokesperson of the German Labour Ministry.

The measure will concern citizens of the new member states, which joined the Union in 2004 – Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The restrictions to entry should have been lifted on May 1st, but the Treaty gives the 15 old member states the right to prolong the limits for a further 2 years, if they prove that the massive entry of foreign workers could disrupt the domestic labour market.

The request to prolong restrictions has been prompted by the unexpected rise of unemployment in March.


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