Six-mile fence on Greek border with Turkey: immigrants soon to be fenced out

Immigrants will soon find themselves fenced out.

Greece is starting the work of building a massive six-mile fence on its border with Turkey in an attempt to keep the illegal immigrants away. The fence will be topped with razor wire.


The move will affect entire Europe and the plans of so many illegal migrants, as thousands cross from Turkey into Greece each year, before travelling on to other parts of Europe.

In fact, the area is considered the busiest crossing point for illegal immigrants entering the EU and stretches between the villages of Kastanies and Nea Vyssa in the Evros border region.

Greece claimed the work of setting up the fence is expected to come to an end by September, and is expected to cost more than €3m. The 13ft-high structure will be equipped with fixed night-vision cameras.

A substantial portion of the 125-mile border runs along Evros river in Greece and Meric in Turkey. Once the new fence is in place, it will obstruct a short stretch of dry land between the two countries.


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