Italy: schools get 30% cap on foreign pupils

Measure of the right-winged government to promote integration and avoid scholastic ghettos 

Roma – 24 March 2009. Quotas in classes and Italian language lessons.

This is the new Italian government policy to foster integration of foreign pupils, Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini revealed.

“We thought of a 30% caps because ourschools are increasingly called to address the problem of integrating immigrant pupils. Everyday experience has revealed how the mere enrollment in Italian classes is not sufficient. In many cases, we need to balance the presence of foreign pupils with Italian ones”, the Minister said in a TV show this morning.

“This will allow us to avoid scholastic ghettos”, she continued. “In some Italian cities there are classes formed almost exclusively by foreign pupils: this is clearly not an ideal condition for effective integration.”

The quotas will be paired with Italian lessons.

“We mean to promote a better knowledge of the Italian language especially among 12-13 year old teenagers. Often their families doesn’t speak Italian thus there are objective troubles to tackle.

“Italian language courses”, she concluded, “are paramount towards the achievement of integration”.

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