MacFarlane, Eva Longoria, raise voice against Arizona law

Demonstrators take out protest march through 70 cities in America


4th May 2010: Less than a fortnight after it was signed, Arizona’s law allowing the police to seek proof of legitimate stay in the United States from people upon “reasonable suspicion”, has sparked off widespread protests.

Celebrities, including Seth MacFarlane, Eva Longoria, John Cusack, George Lopez, Soulja Boy, Shakira, Ricky Martin and Linda Ronstadt, have already aired strong views against the law that allows the authorities to stop anyone they think may be an illegal immigrant.

Describing it as a recipe for racism and anti-immigration legislation, tens of thousands of demonstrators took out a protest march through at least 70 cities in America. The latest to join the issue, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane slammed the immigration law.

Comparing Arizona’s new immigration law to Nazi legislation, he said nobody, but the Nazism ever asked anybody for their papers.

The bill, signed April 23, requires legal immigrants to carry their registration documents all the times, as it allows police officers to question anyone they suspect to be an illegal immigrant.

Colombian singer Shakira too only recently met Phoenix mayor to campaign against the "unjust and inhuman" law, while Latin singer Ricky Martin on Thursday urged the audience at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Puerto Rico to "put a stop to discrimination. Put a stop to hate. Put a stop to racism…Long live love, long live peace."

The Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria (35), claimed the Arizona bill even attacked ethnic studies. She also called for an end to hate.

The resentment against the bill can be gauged from the fact in Los Angeles, an estimated 100,000 people took part in the demonstration. Massive rallies were also being held in Chicago, Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, New York and smaller cities.


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