“Legalization or no re-election!” protestors seeking immigration reforms tell Obama

Thousands of immigrants marched the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday 2nd May 2011: "Legalization or no re-election!" The chant filled the air as thousands of immigrants took to the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday. They are demanding that President Barack Obama keep his campaign promise of affixing the stamp of legality on the stay of millions of undocumented immigrants.
The protest is being seen as a renewed effort to press the Obama administration for carrying out the promised immigration reform and also to call on local businesses for boosting workers’ rights.

The protestors are, in fact, demanding the implementation of immigration reform Obama promised for some of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States to gain legal status. The protestors largely comprised immigrants from Central America and Mexico.

The organizers claimed 10,000 immigrants participated in the protest, which coincided with May Day. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Police Department put the number at 3,500.

The protestors could be seen carrying union banners and waved American flags during the peaceful march and rally through downtown Los Angeles.

The signs read "No Arizona. No Wisconsin. We’re California". Also could be seen placards pleading "Obama, Don’t Deport Dreamers".

Aiming their protests toward Congress and Obama, the marchers claimed the President was hardly doing anything.

One of the marchers said he voted for him the previous time, but was not voting for him again, like many other Latinos.
The biggest march, organized by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, started at noon. It moved northbound on Broadway from Olympic Boulevard and culminated with a rally at First Street. It featured dancers, musicians and speakers from labor and community groups.

Another march up Broadway started a half-hour later and concluded with a rally at Fourth Street.

A police spokeswoman asserted the events were peaceful and there were no arrests. Adequate deployment of officers was also there to monitor the crowds.

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