Santa Claus is illegal immigrant

A politician said Father Christmas should be stopped at the border 05 December 2008. The Christmas "Cold War" began yesterday when the speaker of the Russian Parliament Boris Gryzlov pointed out that the only authentic figure for bringing presents to Russia’s children was Ded Moroz – Grandfather Frost.

‘No one will ever be able to take away Ded Moroz from Russia – not Santa Claus nor any other imposters, said the Kremlin speaker who asked the Santa Claus ‘to get out of the profession, at least in Russia’.

The Mail Online reports that on the streets of Russian cities, battles are taking place between Santas dressed in white beards and red coats and Ded Morozes dressed in blue.

Also, one could remember that before the fall of communism in the Eastern Europe, under Soviet Union influence it was the Ded Moroz – Grandfather Frost, who forcely replaced the Santa Claus.

The fear of encroaching Western influences could lead to many confusions. But as we start to sing Christmas carols, anyone should bear in mind that Santa Claus got different names and habits around the world.

In England his name is Father Christmas. He looks much like the American Santa Claus, but he has a longer coat and a longer beard. In France and Canada, he’s known as Pere Noel. In Italy, he is called Babbo Natale, in Brazil and Peru – Papai Noel, in Germany – Christkind, in Poland – Swiety Mikolai, in Romania – Mos Craciun, Hungary – Karácsony Apó.

In Spain, he is known as Los Reyes Magos: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, while in Costa Rica, Colombia, and parts of Mexico, the gift bringer is El Nino Jesus, "the infant Jesus".

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