UK to veto EU system

Phil Woolas will block a common EU immigration policy 08 December 2008. The immigration minister declared he will use UK veto to avoid being burden by the new asylum system.

He told The Sun: “This would happen over my dead body.”

Last week, the European Commission made proposals to ensure that all asylum-seekers are treated in a fair and equal way wherever they make their request for asylum in the EU, and to enhance the efficiency of the EU asylum system.

The Sun has reported the EU leaders are trying to ban the UK from holding asylum-seekers in detention centres. "The EU vhiefs insist the foreigners should be allowed to work while they are being assessed. And they insist the asylum-seekers should also get state handouts while they wait. The shocking measures are proposed in a new Commission document", reports the newspaper.

Mr Woolas said: “We would use our opt-out if the Commission’s proposals were unacceptable.

“These measures would give false hope to many people and would make us a bigger draw for those seeking a new home.

“It would also make more money for people-traffickers.”

Last week, the European Commission adopted proposals to amend three of the existing legislative instruments of the Common European Asylum System: the Directive on reception conditions for asylum-seekers; the Dublin Regulation which determines the Member State responsible for an asylum application; and the Eurodac Regulation, a data base containing the fingerprints of asylum seekers, which supports the operation of the Dublin Regulation.

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