US: Immigrants win case on wages

36 Chinese immigrants were paid 4.6 million US dollars in back wages. 22 October 2008. A US federal judge has ordered a payday for three dozen immigrant delivery workers who laboured for years at New York City restaurants without proper wages.

US Magistrate Judge Michael Dolinger ordered the owner of several popular Vietnamese cafes to pay more than 4.6 million US dollars in back wages and overtime dating to 1999, plus fines and penalties, to a group of former employees who said they had received substandard wages.

The payment also compensates each worker thousands of dollars for supplying their own bicycles and scooters for the job.

The court said the 36 workers, all Chinese immigrants with limited English skills, had largely been living off the tips they earned by delivering orders of hot food around the city for Saigon Grill restaurants.

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