US Immigration Reform comes with Obama

New American citizens look forward for new president’s first actions

20 January 2009 – Obama’s swearing-in as president in the White House brings forward the Immigration Reform debate.

The new president’s programme is directed at the regulation of millions of clandestine immigrants, most of them Latino-Americans.

His proposals intend to give chance to the many who try to integrate themselves learning English and keeping away from crime.

In order to stop the illegal flows, Obama seems determined to crackdown illegal employment and reinforce border patrols. The bureaucracy reform should reduce difficulties for legal immigrants and improve offer and demand on the labour market.

Hispanic vote for Obama proved essential. Any new American citizen has relatives or friends who would like to legalize their status or plan to come and work in the United States. The new American citizens will look forward for the first actions of the president.

These days thousands of letters were addressed to the White House asking raids and removals to be stopped. Tomorrow, in order to remind Obama’s promises, the civil rights organisations and the immigration associations will march the streets of Washington claiming a “fair and human” reform.

by Elvio Pasca

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