US pitches in tents for Haitians in Cuba

Arrangements on to deal with possible exodus

21st January 2010:
Soon after the US authorities allowed the use of humanitarian parole for orphans eligible for adoption in the United States, it is preparing tents at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba. The idea is to make arrangements for Haitian migrants, in case of a mass migration as an aftermath of the earthquake.

So far, approximately 100 tents with capacity of accommodating10 people have been erected. Authorities have over 1,000 more ready in case Haitians leave their homeland for pouring in but are captured at sea, claims Rear Admiral Thomas Copeman.

He said the authorities have already tested the toilet facilities and gathered beds and other supplies.

Till date there are no indications of Haitians making attempts to flee the island by boat.
America is, otherwise, asking Haitians not try to come to the United States. A United States Air Force cargo plane equipped with radio transmitters has been hovering over the devastated country airing news and a recorded message from Haiti’s ambassador in Washington Raymond Joseph.

Joseph has been saying in Creole don’t rush on boats for leaving the country. If people do that, they will face worse problems.

Elaborating, the message, according to a transcript released by the Pentagon, says: If you think you will reach the U.S. and all the doors will be wide open to you, that’s not at all the case. And they will intercept you right on the water and send you back home where you came from.”

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