US, UK agree to work together to bring peace, stability

To put mechanisms in place to ensure spending of international aid effectively

30th May 2011: Americans in the UK can look forward to better ties between the country of their origin and the one they are living in; and also expect world peace.     

During wide ranging talks, Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama have agreed to work together to bring peace and stability to fragile states such as Sudan and Afghanistan. They also agreed to put mechanisms in place to ensure international aid is spent more effectively and accountably.

Over the next five years the UK and US will work together to prevent stunting and child mortality in 17 million undernourished children, by for example, supplying vitamin supplements through schools; generate $2.8 billion agricultural GDP through research and development activities. For example by supporting research into crops that can survive floods, droughts, rising temperatures and natural disasters; and leverage $70 million in private investment to improve market opportunities and links with smallholders, including through DFID’s new Private Sector Department.

It will also work together to save the lives of at least 50,000 women in pregnancy and childbirth, by training more midwives in developing countries; get more than 5 million girls into primary and secondary school; build schools and train teachers in areas that lack education institutions; and help 18 million women to access financial services, by providing micro-loans and other financial support, so they can start up small businesses.

Also, the two countries plan to do more to prevent violence towards women in at least 15 countries, by, for example, supporting the creation of a UN Women’s agency

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said: “Combating poverty, disaster and conflict is not just morally right, it is firmly in our national interests. It is also an expression of the fundamental values we share. The UK and US will target investment where it can do the most good and are committed to strengthening our partnership to deliver the best results for the poorest people.”

The two Governments will also work together in fragile states such as Sudan and Afghanistan to build peace and stability, by for example strengthening local policing and judiciary; be even more open, accountable and transparent, putting in place mechanisms such as the UK Aid Transparency Guarantee and the US’s Foreign Assistance Dashboard; Work to strengthen GAVI so that it can save more lives including by providing underused vaccines which could prevent four million childhood deaths by 2015; continue to call for a global climate deal that limits the increase in temperature to 2 degrees Celsius; and increase the incomes of the 1.2 billion of the world’s poorest people who depend on forests for their livelihoods through our partnership with REDD.


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