This is Lagos Exhibition coming to London

Come and discover this African city full of excitement 11th February 2009: The second part of a two way cultural exchange between Nigeria and the United Kingdom will be held on Sunday 22nd February – Saturday 28th February & Sunday 5th April – Saturday 11th April at The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham St W1T 4RJ.

The exhibition named as THIS IS LAGOS ‘Lagos Comes to London’ was started when Michael Bucknell visited Lagos to exhibit at the Nimbus Art Centre in a solo exhibition called Painterly Materialism, an exploration of the beauty of materialism.

The show which will be presented by Nimbus Arts Centre in association with Luxury Goods and Creative Minded is expected to have its private viewing day on 24th February 2009 at 18.00-21.00 with an aim to showcase Lagos in a new light.

thisislagos2.pngIn addition, the art show will be aiming to display the complementary disciplines of music, painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia installation in an expression of the challenges that Lagos city presents to the senses.

Lagos which is the Capital city of Nigeria is the leading metropolis in sub-Saharan Africa with life there being outdoor most time. The city which is characterized by its intensity of colour, the pungent smell and the never ending cry of the street seller, bus conductor yells with the impatient bleat of car horn thus giving every day urban life the timeless, vivid qualities of a living tapestry.

The art show will feature the pioneer Michael Bucknell who will show his experience in sculpture. The 34 year old artist is a member of the AICA and IFA with a MA in History of Art from Edinburgh University and a BA in painting from Camberwell College of Arts. His key artistic influences include Matisse, Arman, Picasso and Petro-Vodkin.

Also to feature is a 32 year old cultural activist and new media artist Emeka Ogboh who was born in Enugu. The co-founder of One Room Shark and graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka in Fine and Applied Arts, explores indigenous iconography and pictograms and their re-invention as ideas for contemporary technology and new media.

He will be working on sound installation based on a compilation of field recordings for his current project, Lagos Soundscape at the exhibition.

Emeka’s work has also been exhibited at the State Library in Trieste, Italy and at the Fayoum Winter Academy in Egypt.

Photographer Adolphus Opara, a 28 year Imo state born, with a growing international reputation for the fine art he has taken in the course of extensive travels in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal will also feature at the exhibition.

In painting sector, a founder member of the Ona Movement which seeks to adapt themes and adopt stylistic cues from traditional Yoruba art, culture and folklore for the purpose of contemporary art and design is expected to feature. Tola Wewe a 50 year old graduate with an MA Degree in painting from the University of Ife and African Visual Arts at the University of Ibadan has worked as a full time studio artist since 1994 garnering wide acclaim and an international reputation for his wealth of forms, mastery of colour and sensual and sympathetic depiction of women.

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