15,125 Indians granted UK citizenship in 2006

More and more foreigners became citizens of an European Union member state, says report 12 December 2008. More foreigners were granted citizenship in Britain than in any other European Union country in 2006, according to latest figures released by Eurostat, EU’s statistics body.
Of the 154,000 foreign nationals granted British citizenship in 2006, Indians accounted for 15,125. Pakistan nationals granted British citizenship numbered 10,260.

Only a fraction of new Britons came from other EU states. Most were from Asia, Africa and former Eastern bloc countries.

In 2006, 735,000 persons acquired citizenship of an European Union member state compared with 722,000 in 2005, 647,000 in 2003 and 483,000 in 1998.

The new citizens came mainly from non-EU European countries (27% of the total number of citizenships acquired), Africa (27%), Asia (22%) and North and South America (12%). France granted citizenship to 148,000 foreign nationals, and Germany to 125,000.

The largest groups acquiring citizenship of an EU member state in 2006 were citizens of Turkey (64,000 persons), Morocco (48,000), Iraq (23,000), Ecuador (21,000) and Serbia and Montenegro (20,000).

Andrew Green of MigrationWatch UK said: "The incredible spread of countries of origin underlines the extent of the pressure on our community cohesion that stems from the massive levels of immigration that this Government has encouraged."

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