22 areas in London, Liverpool, Manchester, West Midlands to get funds to tackle gang violence

You can look forward to a life of peace and safety in 22 areas in London, Liverpool, Manchester and the West Midlands. They are to receive funding and support to tackle gang and youth violence, the Home Secretary has announced.


The Home Office said: `The Ending Gang and Youth Violence Report, published on 1 November 2011, set out how £10 million of Home Office funding would be used to support up to 30 areas.

`Money is being targeted at an initial 22 specific areas which, as well as cash injections, will receive support and advice from the newly established Ending Gang and Youth Violence Team.

The team, consisting of expert advisers from a range of statutory, voluntary and community sector backgrounds, is being headed by the Metropolitan Police’s former gangs lead Chief Superintendent Mick McNally who has been seconded to the Home Office.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: ‘We are providing practical help and support to those communities most affected by gang and youth violence.

‘The aim is to help local areas themselves understand the specific problems they face and to develop local and effective solutions.’

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