67,000 improperly documented passengers stopped from flying into UK

3,280 Chinese nationals removed last year

3rd March 2010
: The UK Border Agency has claimed that suspected fraudulent visa applications referred to police abroad led to over 1,280 arrests across the globe as of September 2009.

Giving details of its successes, the UKBA claimed 67,000 inadequately documented passengers were stopped from boarding planes to the UK in 2008-09.
Besides this, a team based at the British Embassy in China, working with local authorities to speed up re-documentation, led to 3,280 Chinese nationals being removed last year.

The UKBA added: More than 125 drug couriers were arrested in Ghana and Jamaica in the past year as part of Operations Airbridge and Westbridge, which has frontline officers working with overseas authorities to stop drug couriers before they reached Britain.

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