A Shropshire MP calls for two-decade bar on overstaying immigrants

`Can return to country of origin voluntarily, or be barred from re-entering’
25th November 2010: It’s not getting easier for the immigrants. Just as the government has announced cap on immigration, a Shropshire MP has called for stricter action against those overstaying.
Welcoming Home Secretary Theresa May’s announcement to cut the number of immigrant workers from outside the EU by a fifth, Mark Pritchard said immigrants who overstay and abuse their visas should be barred from entering Britain for at least two decades.

Calling for tougher immigration rules to get rid of illegal migrants, the Wrekin MP asked the Commons, given the rampant abuse of tourist, student, work and family visas, was it not time that an incentive was provided for those tempted to overstay or those who have overstayed by saying that they can return to their country of origin voluntarily or be barred from re-entering this country for at least 20 years?
That would be an incentive that would work, he said.

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