After Mubenga’s death, G4S on way out, Reliance in

G4S was at the centre of a police investigation November 1: From May next, private security company G4S will no longer escort detainees on removal flights to home countries.
Less than a fortnight after Jimmy Mubenga died while being deported from the UK, the agency will soon be replaced.

In its place, the UK Border Agency has decided to entrust the responsibility of escorting to Reliance Secure Task Management.

G4S was at the centre of a police investigation into the death of 46-year-old Angolan asylum seeker Mubenga.

The Border Agency said: `A decision to award a new contract for escorting people detained by the UK Border Agency has been made.

`Reliance Secure Task Management will be responsible for escorting detainees, both in the UK and also on removal flights to home countries.

`The company already manages several contracts for Her Majesty’s Prison Service’.

David Wood, strategic director for the criminality and detention group, said: ‘We can confirm that Reliance Secure Task Management Limited has won the tender to provide escort services both in-country and overseas on behalf of the UK Border Agency.

‘Throughout the comprehensive tendering process, which began in September 2009, Reliance has demonstrated an ability to provide excellent service and its bid offers the best value for money.

‘We want to thank all of the bidders in this tendering process, and G4S, which has provided this service over the past 5 years.’

`Reliance will begin its 4 year contract in May next year. In the meantime, current contractors G4S will continue to manage escorts for the UK Border Agency’.

Already, United Nations independent experts on human rights have aired concern over the reported death onboard a flight.

UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants Jorge Bustamante has, in fact, said he was disturbed at the manner in which migrants were being treated with no dignity at all.

An Angolan refugee, Mubenga had collapsed while he was being escorted on a flight from Heathrow airport in London. He was in the custody of guards for the private security company, after his appeal to remain in the European country was rejected.

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