Air India launching 2 separate daily flights to London, Toronto from Amritsar

Paying obeisance at Golden Temple to easier 8th October 2010: Paying obeisance at Golden Temple in Amritsar will soon be easier and all the more convenient for the Indians and others in the UK.
For Indian national carrier Air India, beginning October 31, is all set to launch two separate daily flights to London and Toronto from Amritsar with a stopover in Delhi. The idea is to augment international connectivity to the Holy City of Amritsar.

An Air India spokesman told said the Amritsar-Delhi-London flight will take off at 0450 hours IST and reach London at 1130 hours.

After withdrawing the non-stop Amritsar-London-Toronto flight, Air India has been flying Amritsar-Delhi-London-Toronto four times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. But, the airline is not being able to completely utilise its capacity, with the London-Toronto stretch going half empty on most days.

Air India says with the new schedule, passengers will get daily connectivity to London and Toronto and also save on time. Passengers will be issued boarding cards at Amritsar after security and immigration check. Their journey time will be reduced and they will also get to spend one and a half hours at Delhi, where they can use world-class facilities.

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