An earned route to citizenship is the solution

Huhne: Number of irregular migrants in UK can no longer be ignored

10th March 2009: Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne has said the “Government does not have a clue how many illegal immigrants are living in Britain."

Responding to London Mayor Boris Johnson’s call for an illegal immigrant amnesty, following the LSE’s study which estimated that the number of ‘irregular’ immigrants and their dependants reached 725,000 in 2007, Mr. Huhne said that "Labour and the Conservatives cannot continue to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the sheer number of irregular migrants residing here.

"Tougher border controls and an earned route to citizenship, long-championed by the Liberal Democrats, is the only way to bring thousands of people out of the hands of gangmasters and criminals and into the hands of the taxman.

"Boris Johnson may be U-turning on his previously irresponsible policy of a blanket amnesty, but he’ll find little appetite for anything other than anti-immigration rhetoric and inaction from the wider Conservative Party."

The call for an amnesty for illegal immigrants has also come from Mr. Steve Green, Conservative Party member. He said: “Angry though I may be about the number of illegal immigrants (725,000 in 2007) that have managed to get into our country, I do find myself agreeing with Boris Johnson’s initiative to have an amnesty.”

London Mayor renews call for "earned amnesty" for illegal migrants

"New figures make case for Amnesty even more compelling"     


“New figures make case for Amnesty even more compelling”

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