An “obviously gay” Ugandan asylum seeker faces deportation

10th August 2011: An “obviously gay” Ugandan asylum seeker, allegedly tortured and jailed in Uganda for being gay, is facing deportation.

Described as “obviously gay” by his supporters, he is due to be deported on Wednesday.

Immigration judge, looking into the case of Robert Segwanyi, 33, had last November ruled there was no evidence of his being a gay and suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

Segwanyi’s supporters, on the other hand, are apprehending his execution if he is returned to the disreputably homophobic country.

Immigration Judge Hembrough had asserted: `Even if I am wrong regarding the appellant’s homosexuality, I see no reason to depart from the [then] current country guidance”.

The assertion came at the time when the prevailing guidance paved way for the return of the gay asylum seekers if they were ‘discreet’ about their sexuality.

As the Supreme Court last summer ruled the reasoning could not longer be used, it is believed his lawyer will file a fresh appeal for his stay in the UK.

Currently, Segwanyi is also being supported by Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock. He had earlier also blamed the UK Border Office of homophobia over the case.

Hancock asserted there have been factual errors by immigration judges in this case. The immigration judge misrepresented evidence from Professor Katona, one of the country’s leading professors of psychiatry on whether he considers Segwanyi to be gay: he does. This needs to be corrected. Prof Katona also considers that he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In fact he says that no actor could fake the symptoms Segwanyi presented.

He added in recent months following the death of gay activist, David Kato, things have got more dangerous for gay people in Uganda. People who have met him including John Bosco Nyombi, say that it is obvious that Segwanyi is gay. This is all new evidence and should be treated as a fresh claim by the courts and the Home Office. He also expressed hope that justice could now prevail.”

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