An “all-white” Britain not on BNP’s agenda, says Griffin

Send immigrants to the affluent areas, he suggests

14th July 2009: British National Party leader Nick Griffin said an "all-white" Britain was not his party’s agenda; and has denied his party was fascist.

All set to take up the parliamentary seat for the first time this week, Mr. Griffin said the idea of a UK without ethnic groups was simply not attainable. Nobody out there wanted it, or would pay for it, he insisted.

Mr. Griffin told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show he was in favour of sending the immigrants to the affluent areas of England, such as Hampstead in London, rather than to poor areas like Barnsley.

He also did not miss the opportunity of defending his suggestion that boats containing African migrants should be sunk.

Mr. Griffin said he suggested what needs to be done as an example was to sink a couple of boats near the shores of Libya before throwing lifebelts so they could paddle back and understand they would never get to Europe.

Elected as a far-right MEP along with Mr. Andrew Brons in June’s election, Mr. Griffin described as "smears" the claims of his party being fascist.

He said the EU had created a super-state that isn’t far from fascist. Brussels has stripped member states of so much power and sovereignty that the "super-state it represents was very close to fascism”, he said.

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