And now email recruitment scam

Overseas teachers receiving email seeking personal details


21st December 2010: If you are a teacher from overseas and have received an email on UK immigration seeking personal details, log on with caution. Chances are that the mail is a part of a rip-off.  


The scam came to light only recently when the information on the emails reached the UK Border Agency. In fact, the UKBA has taken cognizance of the “email scam” and has issued a public warning.

The UKBA has clarified that the email has not been sent by the UK government or ministers; and the applicants should seek authoritative information on coming to the UK in order to work here from the agency itself.


The UKBA has asserted: `We have been made aware of an email scam inviting teachers from overseas to send their personal details to a false ‘UK Immigration’ email address. The title of the email is ESL TEACHING APPOINTMENT APPROVAL.

`This email has not been sent by the UK government or ministers’.

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