And now, illegal migrants in House of Commons

Around 10 managed to get jobs inside 24th August 2010: Even as the Home Office is claiming the tightening of screws against the illegal migrants during the summer months, the government landed itself in a major embarrassment with their discovery the in House of Commons.
It has emerged that the illegal immigrants have been working as cleaners there. Their presence is being seen as a security breach in the tightly guarded building.

They managed to find their way into the House of Commons, even though the staff at the Palace of Westminster is required to go through rigorous background checks by police and the security services before passes are issued passes to “the heart of Britain’s Government”.

The Home Office has refused to divulge the number of illegal immigrants discovered working at the Palace and the duration of their stay. The officials have also refused to give more details on the ground of ‘on-going inquiries’.

But, it is estimated that around 10 illegal immigrants managed to get jobs with KGB Cleaners — outsourcing firm handling contract to clean lavatories, sweep corridors and polish floors in the Palace of Westminster.

What makes the matters worse is that the cleaners apparently had unhindered admission to the offices of MPs and senior Government Ministers, including Prime Minister David Cameron.

A spokeswoman for the Palace of Westminster confirmed their detention for immigration offences. She said ‘less than 10’ individuals had all been examined when they first began working at the Houses of Parliament. It is believed their immigration status changed and they failed to notify employers or Palace authorities.

The spokeswoman said it was believed several individuals were asylum seekers who had exhausted all avenues of appeal and had been told to leave Britain.
Others were understood to be over-stayers, whose work visas or leave to remain in Britain had expired.

They were rounded up after inquiries by the UK Border Agency. The Metropolitan Police were called in to arrest at least one of the immigrants, a 44-year-old Nigerian man. It transpires he was held at work at the Palace of Westminster on August 12 before being handed over to immigration officials.

He is believed to be held in a secure immigration holding centre, awaiting removal from the UK.

The others have also been detained elsewhere and they too face removal from Britain, as per the indications.

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