And now, master wedding ring for sham marriages

UKBA finds one-size-fits-all wedding ring

21st July 2011: One size fits all! One key for all locks! That’s right! You have heard of master keys opening all the locks. But have you ever heard of one wedding ring designed to fit any one’s fingers?
Well, a sham marriage fixer apparently came out with a novel way of saving a few more pounds. Instead of rushing to getting tailor-made rings, he came out with one-size-fits-all wedding ring.

The revelation was made by the UK Border Agency after one Abiola Abdulkareem was arrested at Abingdon Register Office on Friday 14 May 2010.

The UKBA claimed: `Following his arrest in Abingdon, evidence of involvement in a number of other suspicious weddings was discovered.

`Among the items seized from him was a wedding ring that had been cut to fit anyone’s finger’.

The Agency added the `Nigerian national Abdulkareem admitted four charges of assisting unlawful immigration and one charge of bigamy….’

This is not the first time the discovery of sham marriages has brought out surprising facts.   

The UKBA had earlier claimed in the recent past, couples have been caught after the groom walked into the church donning a cheap suit with the price tag still attached.

This is not all. A bride too came down the aisle in leggings.

The UKBA had added the outfit some of the couples have been wearing during their sham weddings have actually been giving them away.

The UKBA’s regional director for Yorkshire had indicated that looks are a giveaway, but not the only parameter. The officials at wedding venues cannot rely on looks alone to identify criminals, he says.

People might turn up in jeans and tracksuits, but they are not going to make a judgment on that basis alone, he says, adding they make a judgment based on what they think an individual’s aspiration is, and whether they think that person is marrying for reasons other than love.

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