Appeal to protect girls and women in UK from Female Genital Mutilation



At least 60,000 girls aged 0 to 14 years living in the UK are potentially at risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Department of Health has said.

Launching an FGM prevention week of action, Public health minister Jane Ellison urged health and care professionals to help prevent FGM.

“I am immensely proud of the progress that has been made over the recent years to protect and care for women and girls who are affected by FGM. For the first time we have started collecting information about the number of patients the NHS is treating with FGM,” Ms Ellison said. “We have introduced guidance on how to protect young girls and care for women who have already undergone FGM. And we have brought into legislation a clear new duty of when to report to the police cases of FGM in children.”

She appealed to all to take positive action to end FGM. “We want to end FGM in a generation in the UK,” Ms Ellison said.

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