Ask Government to help Syrian refugees, Refugee Council urges MPs

Only 50 Syrian refugees have been resettled in Britain since the Government set up the special scheme to resettle Syrian refugees in the country.

Refugee Council said the Government’s plan to only resettle a few hundred people over a three year period isn’t good enough.

“The Government must be held to account. That’s why we’ve pressed for a debate to be called in Parliament on the issue. Our leaders need to see that we have not forgotten the suffering of Syrian refugees. The Government must be held to its promise to provide resettlement places for the most vulnerable Syrian refugees,” Maurice Wren, Refugee Council Chief Executive said.

There are now over 2.8 million refugees and the UN is appealing to governments around the world to help resettle 130,000 of the most vulnerable people.

Other countries have responded to this colossal need by increasing the numbers of places they are pledging, but the UK has yet to offer enough resettlement places to fill a bus, Refugee Council said. Given the scale of the crisis, we should be offering entire plane loads of seats to safety.

Refugee Council is appealing to you to ask your MP to attend the debate in Parliament, and speak up for Syrian refugees.


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