Asylum seekers must now travel to Liverpool to submit new evidence

26th January 2015: From now on asylum seekers in the UK will have to travel to Liverpool to submit new evidence for their case.

Under a new Home Office rule coming into effect today, asylum seekers will no longer have the right to submit further evidence which could help strengthen their claim at their local immigration centre.

Those who wish to submit new evidence for their case will have to travel to Liverpool at their own expenses. This rule is a big blow to asylum seekers who most often can't afford their basic needs like housing and health care.

Refugee Council has criticized the new rule saying it will be extremely difficult for asylum seekers who don’t have access to any financial support to travel to Liverpool.

Refugee Council Policy Manager Judith Dennis said: "The Home Office appears oblivious to the fact that we live in an internet age; with high speed broadband and scanners which mean that people don’t need to hand deliver evidence to the precise office which will be considering it.  

"It’s difficult to see why these changes are necessary; aside from to make it even more difficult for people in fear of their lives to secure the protection they are entitled to."

Refugee Action has launched an online petition against this “unfair and unnecessary” rule. “Forcing asylum seekers to travel to Liverpool to submit evidence is cruel and unnecessary,” the organisation said.


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