Avoid trying to “out-kip Ukip” on immigration, David Lammy tells Labour

28th January 2015: David Lammy, a Labour MP has warned his party against trying to "out-kip Ukip" on immigration.

David Lammy, MP for TottenhamThe Tottenham MP said some of his constituents who had contacted him were angry at "inflammatory rhetoric" in party literature.

Mr Lammy, who is bidding to replace Boris Johnson as London Mayor, tweeted a picture of the official Labour leaflet, outlining the party's "tough new approach to immigration".

"We're a pro-immigration party: let's not race to the bottom trying to out-kip UKIP," Mr Lammy told the Standard.

"We should be arguing that London’s diversity and cosmopolitanism are part of what makes it great,” Mr Lammy said. "We are a pro-immigration party and we should stay that way, engaging in the debate on immigration but not on Ukip’s terms.”

He advised the Labour to avoid “taking part in a race to the bottom with the Tories and with Ukip to see who can come up with the toughest rhetoric on immigration.”

Mr Lammy confirmed that he’ll be “making the case for immigration strongly and proudly in the coming months."

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