Back home, immigrants’ families watch fortunes change for kin in UK

Remain glued to television sets for election result updates

7th May 2010:
The families of immigrants back home remained glued to the television sets, as the news channels gave live updates of the general election results in the UK.

They watched to see how the fortunes of their kith and kin across the seas would change with the final declaration of results.

In India, almost all the channels began airing the results early in the morning. For the Punjabis, with so many relatives liking in Britain, the results brought in moments of apprehension and anxiety.

Would Britain continue with its open door policy? What would be the stand of the new government towards the new arrivals, and those putting up in the UK for half a century now? Would there be a cap on immigration? These were some of the questions that continued to crop up during the discussion on the election results.

They knew very well a hung parliament would mean political uncertainty, eventually resulting in further changes to the UK Tier 1, Tier 2 and other UK visa categories.

They also knew a conservation government would ensure drastic slash in annual immigration into Britain, as the party believed the immigration was ‘too high’, while Labour government would not set an upper limit on the number of migrants.

And eventually as the news poured in that the country was looking at a hung parliament with Conservatives as the largest party, they realized it would not be easy for the immigrants in the near future.

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